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    11th September 07
    Sydney, Australia

    Can I wear my kilt every day?

    So I'm new to the world of everyday kilted-dom and I'm in need of a little advice.

    Basically this- Can I wear my kilt every day?

    As mentioned in another couple of threads I have a kiltstore casual kilt in Scot Modern Green 13oz tartan. LOVE IT! It's my first kilt and the only one I own and, well, I just can't take it off... but I need to know. Will the tartan pull or sag if I wear it every day? At the moment it serves two roles in it's union-sanctioned dual-role as a casual and formal garment. I guess I'm afraid I'm gonna wear it out!!! When worn casually I don't use a kilt pin and i have two sporrans with chain straps which I alternate. When worn formally I have a self-made pin that is affixed with magnets.



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    Paul Henry is offline Membership Revoked for repeated rule violations.
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    16th January 06
    Of course you can wear it everyday, I'm not able to .. at least not at the moment, but Hamish does, and there are many others as well..
    you will need to get more kilts, it is an addiction... I now have 7 kilts, some for more casual wear and some for smarter!

    of course you will be told to change the chains on the sporran straps.!!! very wise advice!

    good luck


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    7th April 05
    Frederick, Maryland, USA
    Definitely get some leather sporran straps. The chain is fine for formal wear, but can damage the kilt if worn too much.

    Now, it's fine to wear a kilt every day. Many here do just that. Now, I don't know if I would want to wear the SAME kilt every day. You definitely need to get a few more.
    We're fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance. - Japanese Proverb

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    If as I understand you have only one kilt there could be some problems. As you wear clothing moisture and dirt accumulate. It is best if the clothing is given a chance to relax and get rid of this moisture.

    Order a Sportkilt or a Stillwater as a second kilt or down load the instructions for an X-Kilt and rotate. It will make your kilts happier.

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    11th September 07
    Sydney, Australia
    Mmm... I know. I'm feeling the addiction creeping up on me!! I'm really partial to a saffron or lovat green kilt...... That would help with rotation and all. So in fact I NEED another kilt (helps to be able to justify another in some way - no matter how small!)

    I thought I remembered hearing something about chains being a bit how's-your-father if worn a lot. I'll see if I can find a leather strap (or something classy that will suffice) here in Oz.

    If I could make the kilt part of Firefighting uniform I'd be wearing it at work too! I'm just picturing running into a burning building wearing breathing apparatus and wielding an axe whilst wearing a kilt! Classic!


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    16th August 06
    Denver, Colorado
    I were mine except at my 2 jobs (customer expectations at one, practicality & functionality at the other.) I have 10 now with 2 on the way. I wear mine all the time.

    Neat thing about kilts is the same one can be worn for dressy or casual by the way you accessorize.
    Grand Duke Dirk the Festive of Hope End
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    10th December 06
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    I wear a kilt everyday I currently have 7 with 4 on order, so I do not wear the same kilt everyday. The only way I would think you could "wear it out" would be to over use the chain, even with a 13oz wool the chain will damage your kilt if used everyday over time, one way to get around this is to use a leather sporran belt, what you really need is a thin leather belt, one suggestion is to go to the women's section of your local clothing store, or even a thrift store and get a women's belt.

    Just as an example of wearing out a kilt, my first kilt is close to 60 years old, and it would still be wearable if I had not out grown it.

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    11th December 06
    i wouldnt see a problem with it, i have two, started off with a general sport kilt which i dont wear to often any more, because i upgraded to a 16oz traditional which i tend to wear whenever i have the chance, whether it be formal, or just going to class. There really shouldnt be a problem with you wearing it 24/7, give it a try. you'll like it

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    7th April 06
    Ithaca NY
    Hi Scotty. I love the enthusiasm of the first kilt wearer! I hope it doesn't wear off. (Judging by this forum it probably won't.) Chances are you will get other kilts as you can afford them and each will have a special place for you. "This was my first." "I got this one the Christmas that . . ." "I got this one because the tartan . . ." "I found this on Ebay" "This is my first Matt Newsome."

    Wear it as much as you want and can. Enjoy!
    Andy in Ithaca, NY
    Exile from Northumberland

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    8th November 05
    Northglenn, Colorado, USA
    Sure you can, and well you should. Just keep two things in mind. First, it would be best not to wear someone else's and second, you might just want more than one if you're going to wear it daily. That way you'd have something to wear when you get one of them cleaned.

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